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The movementmaterial in Göran and Bengt was created with the word contrasts as a guide-line. Contrasts like male/female, classical/contemporary (in dance-styles), round/square, heavy/light and so on. Short choreographies were created to music-pieces that also stood in sharp contrasts to one another. Then we placed everything in a small room with only two black armchairs, the two male dancers, beer-cans, a CD-player and a remote control. All resulting in a warm, multi-layered, tragic-comical portrait of two lonely men.
The installation has since then been placed in several different locations: in art-galleries, in black box theatres or in a corner of a lobby... Göran and Bengt always seem to find their way.

"A few paces away you could step into a male, beer-scented, intimate sphere, to Göran & Bengt. Choreographer Lotta Gahrton had placed Jukka Korpi and Mikael Strid, dressed in suits and broad mesh tank tops, in one armchair each. By pressing a remote control the viewers themselves chose a musicpiece… and the duo threw themselves with normbreaking heavy(!) fragility between the coquettish poses of ballet and the more unpolished expressions of apes. Very accurate and well interacted." Anna Ångström, SvD (Swedish Daily Press)